The World's Game Protecting the Planet!

Global warming is the single greatest threat to our planet. Now, through the "World's Game", Kick Global Warming is helping to spread the message that we must make changes. By making your youth, adult or professional team carbon neutral, you can help to influence millions of citizens to reduce the affects of global warming. It's easy to do simply by offsetting your team's travel-related carbon emissions. Join the world's game in protecting our planet.

Make Your Team Carbon Neutral

Kick Global Warming works with youth, adult and professional teams. To make your youth or adult team carbon neutral, click though to our Carbon Offset page. Prices range from $20 to $50 depending on your type of team. These numbers have been averaged taking into consideration average travel distances to fields, average number of players carpooling and average vehicle gas mileage. To buy carbon offsets through, please click on Purchase Carbon Offset below. The secure payment page accepts all major credit cards with proceeds (after 3% regular credit card fees) going to Sustainable Travel International.

Who Are We?

Kick Global Warming is dedicated to influencing the citizens of our planet through soccer (football outside of North America). Funded by Natural Habitat Adventures, an eco-tourism adventure travel company based in Colorado, Kick Global Warming began with the Colorado Rapids U-23 team by making them the world's first carbon neutral soccer team. All donations are used by Sustainable Travel International to create alternative energy solutions.

Your company can support Kick Global Warming by sponsoring the Colorado Rapids U-23's. Contact Peter Ambrose at 303-449-0809 for details.

Here's How Carbon Offsetting Works

For a more detailed description of how carbon offsetting works click here.

Why Focus on Soccer Teams?

Because soccer is the most popular activity on the planet and, as soccer fans and players ourselves, we believe that it can serve to be a great influence on humankind, from the desert tribes of Africa to the masses of inhabitants in New York City. Like all activities, the peripheral actions associated with soccer - such as driving to practices and games - emit greenhouse gases. If we, as soccer enthusiasts, offset our emissions we can encourage others to reduce energy use and to offset the energy we do use. The world's game protecting the planet.